SLEDIT ĆE VAM SE KRV U ŽILAMA: Ovo su najopasnije stvari pronađene u torbama putnika na aerodromu

Službenici u zračnim lukama nagledaju se svega i svačega. Što sve nalaze u putnim torbama prilično je šokantno.

Djelatnici osiguranja u zračnim lukama imaju vrlo odgovoran, ponekad i opasan posao. O njima ovisi tko će ući u avion – najmanji propust može imati katastrofalne posljedice ako, primjerice, ne prepoznaju terorista.

Čudni i opasni predmeti koje nalaze u putnim torbama lede krv u žilama.

When you’re traveling through airports, you only really scratch the surface of what you see in regards to TSA operations. There’s so much going on behind the scenes. For example, around 8:30 this morning at Birmingham, Alabama (BHM) our officers discovered four 40mm grenades in a tactical vest inside a checked bag. A TSA explosives specialist was called to scene and thankfully cleared the items as inert. In this case, only the baggage screening area was evacuated resulting in a 10-minute halt on baggage screening locations. At other times inert explosives have led to evacuations resulting in multiple lengthy delays. By packing inert or replica explosives, you not only stand the chance of getting yourself in hot water, but you are also possibly impacting scores of your fellow travelers. In case you were wondering, we have found live grenades in the past.

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I’m not sure why you’d bring this into the cabin of an aircraft. I mean… if there is a bear on the plane, he bought a ticket same as you. Would you want a bear to walk up to your seat and spray you with mace? Doubtful… Now if you’re out in the forest and he’s trying to steal your pic-a-nic basket, that’s a different story. All varieties of mace are not allowed in carry-on property. Mace can be packed in checked baggage, but bear mace canisters usually exceed the allowable volume of less than four ounces. it also must have less than a two percent active ingredient of either CS or CN. It’s best to purchase the bear mace at your destination. This canister of mace was discovered in a carry-on bag at the Seattle – Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

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