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ZAOKRET U KARIJERI: Učiteljica dala otkaz da bi mogla biti dvojnica za tijelo Kim Kardashian

Mnogo ljudi za vrijeme života promijeni karijeru, ali vjerujemo da za ovakav profesionalni zaokret još niste čuli.

Shahira Barry  preselila se u Los Angeles gdje se bavila modelingom, dobila je ulogu u seriji “True Detective”, snimila nekoliko reklama, a radila je čak i kao dvojnica za tijelo starlete svih starleta.

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Navodno će se čak pojaviti i u novoj sezoni reality showa “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

"Every city, every state, every country you know.. All around the globe…" #LALove ✨

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Upoznajte  Shahiru Barry

Ona je jednom davno bila učiteljica.

#lazysundays 😂😋

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A sada gradi karijeru u Los Angelesu.

Ona je glumila u nekim serijama i pojavila se u spotu za pjesmu “Uptown Funk” .

A radio i kao dvojnica za tijelo Kim Kardashian.

So I haven't mentioned anything on Social Media about the upcoming Vote in #Ireland as I feel it's already being pushed everywhere you look..but as it's fast approaching I'll give my 2cents on the topic.. For me there shouldn't even be a question or an option about it… Of course #VoteYes ! Everyone deserves equal rights! Whether Rich, Poor, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Transgender etc.. It shouldn't even be a question it should just be Yes!x! The same people who would vote No to marriage equality are the same people who would have been against single parents, such as my mum raising me by herself, and back in the day taking babies away from single mothers. This is not about Children..they're just trying to make it about that… This IS about equal rights! However what matters with regards to kids is not whether you have a mum & dad, just a dad, just a mum, 2 mums, 2 dads, no parents or are brought up by someone completely different- the only thing that matters is LOVE!x! I only had a mum but there's not one part of me that thinks I could have been loved any more if I had a dad aswell! I was shown unconditional and unmeasurable love by my small little family & I wouldn't have it any other way! There's not one doubt in my mind that I am not a good human being – I know that I am and that's because I was raised by a good human being = my mum! There are families out there who have both a mum & a dad but that does not make them good or better families – some have real issues!! The strongest argument the no side has is that of Children deserving a mother and father.. I say what Children deserve is LOVE and care. Period. Remember what this vote is actually about – two people who love eachother being allowed the same opportunity as anyone else – to love & get married!✨ let's show the World that Ireland has come a long way and that we are a progressive, non-judgemental society!🍀 #VoteYes #NoH8 #NoH8Campaign #AdamBouska #model #photography #instadaily ..not sure why my eyes look brown in this🙈🍀

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Čini se da je kredu i ploču uspješno zamijenila haljinama i štiklama, zar ne?

#HappyEaster 🐰 can't wait to tell you guys some big news ✨ 😃✨

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