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RUŽNA POZADINA IDILIČNE OBITELJSKE FOTOGRAFIJE: Ne možete ni naslutiti što se dogodilo samo minutu poslije

‘Ovo mi je škola za buduće druženje s dvomjesečnim djetetom’

Blogerica Revie Jane Schulz poznata je po objavi uvijek savršenih obiteljskih fotografija na Instagramu, kojima je privukla čak 174.000 pratitelja. Ova majka iz Australije vodi naizgled idiličan život. Ima divnog muža i dvoje prekrasne djece. Zato je nemalo iznenadila kada je nedavno podijelila i mračniju, neuredniju stranu majčinstva.

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#PicturePerfect right!? Well, you know, apart from the fact that everyone on the gram knows 5 minutes before this was taken I was scrubbing the reminisce of a poop explosion off my shoes from morning shenanigans 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ {See last post} Just goes to show we shouldn’t compare our lives to these tiny squares 😌 The day ended on a high, we went out for an afternoon stroll and burgers. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and reminded me that the hard parenting moments will pass {and come back but then go again} and also on all the advice on Lola refusing a bottle after my Snapchat rant. I can’t believe we are going down the same path we did with Lexi. Both hate the car, both love the boob / hate the bottle! 🤦🏽‍♀️ // Love this pic, when a windy day, magic hour and an expert #instaHubby collide 🙌🏽💕 matching dresses by @piperandme_ #mumlife #daughters

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‘Najvodenastija eksplozija kakice’

Doduše, takvo što nije zorno prikazala fotografijom, ali je zato iskreno napisala što stoji u pozadini jedne naoko bajkovite obiteljske situacije. Nakon što je uspjela ispuniti “naporan zadatak” da djecu izvuče iz kuće prije sedam ujutro, poznata mama s Instagrama požurila je s njima na doručak, kada se dogodila katastrofa.

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Little did this slightly dusty and heavily exhausted mama know that after the energy sapping task of getting two babes out the house by 7am to ‘start the day’ 👶🏽👧🏽☀️ 🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♂️ And just as her warm, hangover curing, breaky arrived her sweet darling baby would have the leakiest poo explosion to date. It would end up on her shirt, baby carrier, cute overalls and her beloved blush, Seed espadrilles 😩 That will teach me for trying to be social with a two month old 😂 When I sat back down to breakfast I felt so defeated, I wanted to tell everyone else at the restaurant that “I used to have my shit together you know!” 😂 But probs come off a little cray cray. So I just sat there and ate my breaky while my 2 year old told me what order I should eat everything and “don’t butter your toast like that mummy.” 😑😂 #ParentLife is ruthless. These is no “get out of jail” free card, it would actually be more of a break to go to jail over night 🤔…. That’s probably the sleep deprivation talking but anyway- hope you have an amazing Sunday peeps x

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PRAVA SLIKA RODITELJSTVA U 1980-IMA: Fotka dječaka pokraj hrpe čikova postala viralna, svi se prisjećaju starih vremena

“Taman kada je moj topao i mirisan doručak stigao na stol, moja je mila beba imala svoju najvodenastiju eksploziju kakice dosad”, napisala je Schulz, dodavši kako je dio toga završio na njezinoj majici, dio na nosiljci za bebe, a nastradale su i njezine nove espadrile.

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This is where I was yesterday when Kat came over to see me after the announcement yesterday. I was sitting on my bedroom floor, hiding from my 2 year old because Dad had told her I’d “gone for a run” so I got jail out of free card for nap time and I could monitor the website. I am checking the numbers go up on my website, forms being filled out and reading the exciting reactions from hundreds. My website crashes because there are too many people on there trying to ask me to come to their home town. Lo is obviously on the boob but I am half damp because she just decided to have a little power chuck, I am literally over my head in laundry BUT I am filled with joy, I have been crying happy tears because I put my self out there and you responded. This National Speaking Tour means more to me than most will be able to understand, hopefully you will if you’re able to come. It was and is terrifying not only because I will be vulnerable, open and honest about my darkest days but because I am putting myself out there and I genuinely didn’t know if there would be warranted interest in something like this. I just hoped. To me, I’m a girl from Logan (and not the nice part) and now I’m a woman of two hiding from my kid surrounded by day to day chores not yet complete, breastfeeding my newborn and I’m being asked by thousands not only from all over Australia but New Zealand, Canada, USA, Mexico, Ireland, UK, Cyprus (I don’t know where that is but hey, sounds lovely!) it honestly BLOWS my mind and it goes to show that when you speak your truth, when you are on PURPOSE, you shine and connect and you can be a light to those thousands of miles away. So I just wanted to say thank you for your positive response and wanting to come. I am not used nor do I think I’ll ever be used to the fact that peeps want to meet me 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s just surreal. I was up last night, looking through the locations and had the realization that I’m not traveling to all of these places and I’m going to let some people down. But I’ll still be here, posting away, being too open and oversharing 😂💕 I love you guys. I hope you know that. I’m so excited x

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Utješili je pratitelji

“Ovo mi je škola za buduće druženje s dvomjesečnim djetetom”, našalila se i priznala kako se osjećala “poraženo” nakon što se vratila za stol iz restoranskog toaleta, u kojemu je pokušavala “popraviti štetu”.

Njezini su se pratitelji solidalizirali s ovim nemilim događajem i podijelili vlastita prljava iskustva s malom djecom. “Apsolutno te razumijem. Život majke je ludnica. Prigovaranja, mišljenja, kritike, zagrljaji i puse… Ali na kraju sve to vrijedi”, zaključile su druge mame na Instagramu.

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