RADI NAJBOLJI POSAO NA SVIJETU: Djevojka je plaćena da putuje oko svijeta, bila je i u Hrvatskoj, evo što kaže o Lijepoj našoj

Australka koja je pobijedila 17.000 drugih ljudi i dobila “najbolji posao na svijetu” detaljno je opisala kako izgleda biti plaćen za putovanja u 12 luksuznih odredišta u tri mjeseca.

Sorelle Amore, 28-godišnjakinja iz Balline, profesionalna je svjetska putnica koja je osvojila natjecanje tvrtke Thirdhome, koja je obećala platiti pobjedniku boravak u luksuznim domovima širom svijeta.

This is what my dreams are made of. Swimming with sharks was one of the most memorable things I've ever done. The sharks felt like soft sandpaper. I've never felt anything like it. They swam over and under me and I loved every second. Further dreams that came true on my tour yesterday was swimming with PIGS, hanging on the beach with iguanas, snorkeling in the most beautiful cave where they filmed a snippet of the James Bond movie, snorkeling over Pablo Escobar's sunken drug smuggle plane and so much more. Bahamas really is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. To top it off, the people I spent the day with were the absolute greatest. @sherbetbirdie_photography @meganolivi @joejitsu Edna & Kolvin. THANK YOU! All travel is thanks to @3rdhome! #BestJobOnThePlanet #StayWorldly #Bahamas #LIFE!

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Njezin Instagram izgleda kao stranica časopisa National Geographic – ispunjen je egzotičnim odredištima, zavidnim portretima i savršenim pogledima.

Amore je krenula na prekrasan 13-tjedni odmor koji je započeo u čarobnom škotskom dvorcu i završio u Sydneyju.

Neka od luksuznih odredišta Sorelle je imala sreće nazivati domom tjednima, uključujući Bali, Bahame, Fidži, Maroko, Kostariku, Španjolsku Kinu, pa čak i Hrvatsku, koja ju je očarala.

“Oni koji ne vjeruju u magiju, neće je nikada ni pronaći”, napisala je uz jednu od fotografija s otoka Brača.

Happiness is most real when shared. This is one of the greatest benefits of travel. You become exposed to a range of different cultures, become fascinated by their way of life and you meet the most incredible people around the world. Since this trip, I've already met so many people that I know are friends for life. People that travel are often open minded, adventurous, excited for life and super fun. So it's easy to make strong bonds very fast. And personally when I live in one location, it's almost a struggle for me to make very strong connections with people. But once you find your tribe, you finally know where you belong and you feel very much at home. I couldn't have chosen a better place to call home. And it may not be any particular country or town, but planet Earth works well for me! 🤗 #BestJobOnThePlanet #StayWorldly #ExploreMore @3rdhome

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“Hrvatsku je najlakše opisati u nekoliko riječi: vina, masline, plaže, prekrasni otoci, odmaranje, vodeni sportovi poput surfanja, kiteboardinga, plivanja, jedrenja… Hrvatska je prekrasna zemlja. Kontrast mora, zelenila i bezbrojnih stari gradova pravi su melem za oči”, napisala je uz fotografiju Zlatnog rata.

Sorelle je iskoristila svoje videografske i blogerske vještine kako bi uspješno obavila posao svojih snova. Dosad je posjetila više od 40 različitih zemalja.

Dodijeljena joj je mjesečna naknada od cca 63.600 kuna, putni doplatak i priliku pozvati prijatelja na putovanje. Njezina jedina zadaća bila je dijeliti svoja iskustva s nevjerojatnih putovanja na društvenim mrežama.

“Dok putujem na sljedeću destinaciju, uređujem videozapise, fotografije i pišem članke s prošle”, rekla je Sorelle za ABC.

Boravila je u svakakvim nastambama – od kućice na drvetu na Baliju do vile s 12 soba u Kostariki te dvorca iz 19. stoljeća u Škotskoj. No, osvajanje plaćene karte za putovanje svijetom nije bilo nimalo jednostavno.

PUT OKO SVIJETA BICIKLOM U 78 DANA: Pedalirao 18 sati na dan i upisao se u Guinnessovu knjigu rekorda

I've strongly noticed recently a habit of women shrinking and being very timid. Perhaps a learned behavior mimicking others or an expectation for women to be kind, gentle, caring and loving at all times. My bestie gifted me a jacket recently that reads on the back 'Queen Coming Through' which she custom made for me (Legend! @birdbirdbirdbirdisthe). So lately I've given myself permission to toy with the idea of being a Queen in my everyday existence, emphasis on the Ancient Egyptian Goddess' which I'm obsessed with. I've come to conclude that walking so tall, proud, unapologetic and certain does wonders for your life and the outcomes of all situations. Too many women forget that we're actually Queens and there is absolutely nooothing wrong with acting fabulous and important. Because we are.

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Sorelle je neumorno radila da uvjeri Thirdhome kako je upravo ona prava žena za posao – zasigurno joj je pomoglo i to što je otprije imala iskustva kao blogerica i oduševljena putnica.

“Također sam obilazila časopise, portale i radijske postaje. Morala sam uvjeravati ljude da čitaju, slušaju i glasuju za mene”, dodala je. “Nitko drugi od finalista nije bio uporan kao ja, a upornost mi se isplatila.”

To zvuči kao prilika života, no intenzivna 13-tjedna ekspedicija jurnjave po svijetu sigurno je imala nekih neuspjeha. Pritisak da uvijek izgledate savršeno, traženje izviđačkih mjesta za redovite fotografije i beskrajno vrijeme provedeno u zračnim lukama naposljetku je bilo prenaporno za Sorelle.

“Što je sada život? Što uraditi? Tražim najbolji odgovor što bih trebala učiniti sljedeće “, napisala je na svom Instagramu.

A common occurrence during this 3 month adventure is to wake up not knowing where I am. This is what happened when I arrived in Sydney. My alarm was set for 5am the next morning and I opened my eyes and was pleasantly surprised my sister was tight asleep next to me. "Oh that's right", I thought. I'm in Sydney for my last destination for the Best Job On The Planet! I nudged my sister softly and asked whether she wanted to run down to the Sydney Harbour and take some sunrise pictures of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Without hesitation and a smile on her face she said yes. Being away from each other for two years and knowing we have a limited time together this week, we're almost glued to one another, cherishing every moment. We quickly gathered our belongings and ran, ran, ran down to catch the sunrise. Thankfully we stayed at my favorite hotel in Sydney, the @qtsydneypics which is close to these landmarks. The moments shared down at Sydney's STUNNING harbour with my sister by my side, no one around and this giant cruise boat pulling in was so special. Lots of laughs were had as together we watched the sun come up over the city. I find travel brings out the best in people. Everyone is just seeking joyous adventures that can be shared together. There's always so much love being exchanged at every moment. What are some of your favorite travel moments that you will never forget? #Sydney #TravelMore #SeekAdventure #Australia #BestJobOnThePlanet

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This is how they bathed in the Arab baths thousands of years ago right? Whenever I'm in one of these moods I should ban myself from Instagram 🙅🏻And that's the crazy weirdo joker kid mood. If you watch my insta stories you know I have a strange side to me that comes out every now and again. I'm serious and sexy one second and then BAM! The switch has been flicked. Social media can force you to box yourself in and become one thing. In marketing they call it a niche and you should stick to it to now confuse the viewer 🤦🏻‍♀️ But we all have so many different sides of our personality and for me, it's hard to tame the joker at times. Haha Unfortunately it ruins my perfect serious, sexy feed. But what can you do! Hehe #BestJobOnThePlanet #Spain #StayWorldly #TravelMore

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I've been lying to you. This whole travel the world thing isn't exactly what it seems. I didn't just undertake this project as a way for me to take some snaps and say "yay! I did it". Every time I travel, there's always something else that I'm seeking. I'm on the road constantly trying to find evidence of something I know to be true. And it is that humans are incredible, kind, caring, loving and fun. And we all want the same thing – to be loved, enjoy life and look after the people we love most. And every time I travel, no matter where in the world, I constantly find this to be true. Sure, we have the 0.1% of people who are a little lost and off track and unfortunately have a microphone that amplifies their confusion, but that is why I choose to not think or talk about that. Because I know the rest of us are so beautiful. I love humans. I am filled with tears from the incredible people I have met over the last 6 weeks and in my lifetime. May we all continue spreading love and have trust that the world is a kind, beautiful and safe space. Happy Sunday my lovelies. Have an amazing week. #TravelMore #StayWorldly #BestJobOnThePlanet @3rdhome

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