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ZBOG JEDNOG SE DETALJA NA TIJELU SRAMILA SEKSATI: ‘Radije sam se brinula nego imala orgazam. Što mi je, dovraga, bilo?!’

Blogerica danas napokon ponosno objavljuje svoje fotografije u donjem rublju i pokazuje kako njezin trbuh izgleda nakon tri trudnoće i porođaja

U jednom razdoblju života, Annie Nolan je odbijala seks sa suprugom jer se osjećala užasno nesigurno zbog vidljivih strija na trbuhu, koje je zaradila u trudnoći. Mlada majka iz Australije opisala je svoju borbu s vlastitom slikom u zrcalu i kako je to utjecalo na njezin ljubavni život.

Blogerica poznata pod nadimkom Uncanny Annie danas napokon ponosno objavljuje svoje fotografije u donjem rublju i pokazuje kako njezin trbuh doista izgleda nakon tri trudnoće i porođaja. Supruga Liama Pickena, igrača australskog nogometa, progovorila je o ožiljcima na koži i priznala kako joj je sad krivo što ih se sramila.

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For a period of my life I refused intimacy because of my stretch marks. Friends, I chose WORRYING ABOUT STRETCH MARKS OVER HAVING AN ORGASM. What the heck was I thinking? 😂 . Stretch marks are normal; virtually everyone has them regardless of body type! But most people are still hiding them so we don’t realise how common they are. . Your body stretching isn’t just normal, it’s absolutely incredible! It’s your largest organ doing its thing and accomodating your guts/growing bones/babies/the yummy food inside of you! (Sorry for getting all technical on you there with my fancy terminology like “guts” 😆) . It’s your body showing lines of life being lived! 💖 . I already look back and regret opportunities of happiness that I missed because I was worried about my stretch marks and the ridiculous beauty standards I felt I had to conform to. Fuck that. . I’m POSITIVE that when I’m laying in my death bed, thinking about life, I won’t be going, “oh gosh, I really wish I applied more of that bio oil and got laser for my stretch marks.” Hell no. I’m more likely to think, “gosh making out was fun.” 😆 . My insta story from last night is still up. I’ll keep it in my highlights for the next week. The overwhelming feedback from it is the reason I’m posting this on my page. Solidarity to all those still fighting the self love battle. As the quote goes, “in a society that profits off your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.” So let’s be rebels👊 • • • [visual description: two photos. First photo is black and white. I’m standing, facing the camera in a sports bra and leggings. My stomach is exposed and shows stretch marks all the way up to my (stretched out) belly button. I’m smiling and have my hand on my hip. I used this photo in my insta story last night. Second photo was from this morning. I was lying on my side in bed, wearing laced black undies (gosh sounds raunchy haha.) It shows my stretch marks closer and in detail. It does have a filter, but not to hide my stretch marks! In fact they were easier to see with it. But I’m partial to this filter because I think it makes photos look like they are from the 60s/70s and I love me some vintage]

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Šali se na svoj račun

“Hej, ljudi, ja sam se doslovno radije brinula zbog strija nego imala orgazam. Što mi je, dovraga, bilo?”, napisala je u šali na Instagramu. “Gledam unatrag i žalim zbog svih propuštenih prilika i veselja jer sam osjećala potrebu uklopiti se u smiješne standarde ljepote”, dodaje.

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When you’re a parent and all dressed up, you have to escape the house and pose on the road so sticky fingers don’t touch the precious gown 😆 A HUGE thank you to @tessholmes_makeup for doing my make-up, styling, and taxi driving, @somethingborrowed_au for loaning me this beautiful gown when I frantically ran into their shop yesterday, and @studiowarhol for doing my hair when I frantically ran into their shop after my hairdresser had to cancel. Can’t speak highly enough of everyone 💚 • • • [visual description: I’m standing slightly on the road, there are cars parked to my left and a bridge behind me with traffic on it. I’m wearing an emerald green dress. I have my hair out, however I have a green ribbon tied around my neck that ties around my hair, holding my hair back almost like a pony tail. My dress is fitted to my body, but mermaid tails off at the bottom. It is off the shoulder/strapless. I am posing, looking over my shoulder with an expressionless look. I have my tattoo exposed on my shoulder.]

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INSTAGRAMSKA SENZACIJA SLAVI RAZLIČITOSTI: ‘Nisam debela, već bolesna. Više se ne mislim skrivati jer volim svoje tijelo’

“Dok ležim u svojoj smrtnoj postelji razmišljajući o životu, više ne mislim ovako: ‘Bože, da sam barem stavljala više onog ulja na trbuh ili otišla na laserski tretman za uklanjanje strija’. Radije razmišljam kako je bilo zabavno raditi djecu”, priznaje duhovita majka.

‘Strije su normalna stvar’

Dijeleći svoju priču, Annie kaže kako želi potaknuti žene da prihvate svoje tijelo i strije. Posvetila se širenju pozitive o tijelu. “Strije su normalna stvar. Doslovno ih svi imaju, neovisno o građi tijela. Ali većina ih i dalje vješto skriva, zbog čega ne uviđamo koliko su učestale”, objašnjava.

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As a kid I used to play with this Trolls Barbie all the time. Unlike most other dolls I had as a young girl, Barbie was the only doll that was an adult and she didn’t put an empathises on motherhood being central to womanhood. Yeah, she wasn’t perfect (she was what society at the time said women should look like) but when I played with her she dressed how creatively she wanted, she owned her own stuff, had a career and always caught up with her friends – Ken barely came over to her pad to be honest 😂 . Yesterday my kids received these Barbies as part of the Never Before Barbie campaign. It shows Barbie in roles that women have never held before, in industries often dominated by men. The campaign aims to show young children, particularly girls, that they can be anything. In fact, both of these Barbies are from industries my husband has worked in – I hope that Delphi and Cheska can play with Never Before Barbie believing that they are capable of working in these roles and they’re not out of reach for my daughters. . Because progress towards better representation matters, and from my own anecdotal evidence, I probably turned out most like the Trolls Barbie more so than any other Barbie out there 😂😳🤦‍♀️ . #NeverBeforeBarbie #YouCanBeAnything #Partner • • • [visual description: photo of me sitting on the floor of my bedroom holding up a late 1980s or maybe 1990s Trolls Barbie. In front of me is two Barbies in new boxes. One is the Governor of the Reserve Bank who is wearing a suit and has very curly red hair. The other is a Chairman of the AFL who is wearing a red suit and has long, straight, black hair. It’s a pretty stark difference comparing my old Barbie to them. The old Trolls Barbie has those old fashioned Trolls, all over her pants, has Troll earrings and a white t-shirt with Trolls on it. She’s blonde. She has hectic (but kinda fabulous) make up on; blue eyeshadow and pink lips. I have my blonde hair out and also have pink lips. It’s a bit concerning I turned out more like the less successful Troll Barbie than the others haha]

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“Vaše strije nisu samo normalne, one su apsolutno nevjerojatne. Pokazuju da vaš najveći organ radi prilagodbe koje su u tom trenutku potrebne, bilo da je to rast kostiju, beba u trbuhu ili ukusna hrana. Tako vaše tijelo pokazuje linije života koji ste proživjeli”, lijepo zaključuje prosvijetljena majka.

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I’m always in awe of how far children progress in a year, while each year since I stopped formally studying, I feel like I’m drastically regressing (I couldn’t tell you what the square root rules are now even if my life depended on it!) A year ago Delphi was so afraid of water, she wouldn’t even paddle her toes in the shore. She most certainly didn’t know how to swim. Not only can she keep afloat in deep water and swim a fairly splashy freestyle now, but she loves water so much she wants to grow up to be a mermaid (yes, “a mermaid that’s a doctor to help the sea creatures” to be precise 👩‍⚕️🧜‍♀️) I feel like time passes so quickly that Delphi will be running my senior citizens aqua aerobics class in no time 😰 • • • [visual description: four photos. First photo I am hugging Delphi on the beach. My back is turned to camera. Delphi smiling at the camera. She is dry and hadn’t been swimming. Last three photos Delphi is in the beach playing with a mermaid doll, making it swim. They are taken with a fish eye lens so it makes the photos look like they are in a bubble.]

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