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KAKO PAMETNO RASPOLAGATI NOVCEM I UŠTEDJETI? Majka šestero djece otkriva svojih osam genijalnih trikova

Od kupnje namirnica i garderobe do putovanja na posao i ekstra zarade – nemate pojma koliko se novca nakupi ako samo malo pripazite

Krechelle Carter (28), koja piše blog pod nazivom Eight At Home, majka je šestero djece mlađe od šest godina, koja je nedavno otkrila svoju tajnu uvijek čistog i urednog doma, sada savjetuje kako uštedjeti ogromne svote novca na svakodnevne stvari i aktivnosti. Ona uz pomoć ovih trikova uštedi čak 1000 dolara tjedno.

Here’s how to rustle up over $1000 in one week. MY 10 top tips to get thrifty next week and cut costs where you can! Do you need a “cheap week”? We all have those weeks where we need to pinch the pennies; Well atleast I do! Due to a gastro outbreak where no one could work or a broken microwave; Just costs that you just weren’t expecting. Costs that sometimes come at the wrong time. But there is no need to panic just yet! Tip number one: Eat at home only. Okay this might seem simple enough. But how many take away low fat caramel macchiatos will you buy this week (asking for a friend) and how many lunch orders, or takeaway dinners will you have ? Be prepared; take food and coffee with you. It won’t be as tasty- sorry- but it keeps your dolla’ dolla’ bills in the bank. Tip number two: Fly buys points! Actually any kind of points. Rewards cards are the bees bloody knees. I’m currently eligible for an $80 food voucher for Coles with my points. Last Easter, our entire Easter was paid for using fly buys! Ca-Ching. Have you checked your points accruing lately ? They also have a whole range of homewares available: who knows maybe even a microwave! Tip number three: Work from home! Getting crafty? Freelance writing? PA? Handy man? There are so many jobs you can now do from the comfort of your own home! And if your a little tech savvy there are these awesome new websites such as where you can actually apply for freelance jobs online!! Or where people will pay to have you help with their jobs. Extra cash in your pocket today. What’s your talent?! Tip number four: Walk don’t drive! Save up to $50 in petrol by walking/ riding to school run or work or even friends houses! My husband used to ride his bike to work but then we got extremely lazy and we’ve been thinking recently it might be worth him doing that again; instead of sitting in traffic! Not me. I’m not doing it. Can you imagine me six kids on bikes; talk about a heart attack. 😂😂 But It’s certainly cheaper! More on my website or Facebook. Because let’s face; sometimes we all have to be a little stoogey.

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Uvijek jedite kod kuće

Majka iz Južne Australije kaže da je jedan od najefektivnijih načina za štednju prestanak trošenja na hranjenje po restoranima. Usput, ona ne kupuje ni kavu za van niti naručuje dostave na posao. “Budite pripremljeni – ponesite kavu i ručak sa sobom. Možda neče biti jednako ukusno, ali uštedjet ćete brdo novca”, kaže.

Sunday roast done right! When I was a little girl my parents used to make Sunday roast every week and when I moved in with David, my beautiful husband, and his parents also did Sunday roasts quite often. So while the kids played outside and a beautiful candle burned in the kitchen I roasted some crispy roast potatoes and this beautiful pork for my little family . I Remembered all the times my wonderful families had made me roast. And all the love that we’ve shared together and laughs; and I appreciated just that; family, love; memories. And yes! That crackling was Devine! All six kids cleared their plates. Clean kitchen and early to bed. It’s Monday tomorrow! And I say bring it on! Hope you have a wonderful night! And also WELCOME to all my new followers; it seems my articles have done a trip around Europe! Which is so exciting! It’s such a pleasure having you all; I’ll have some more for you soon! Krechelle Xx • • • • • #mumlife #mommyblogger #adelaideloves #blogging #largefamilylife #instamom #motherhoodrising #farmhouse #momlife #winetime #wine #foodie #family #mummy #cleannouse #birthdays #sundayroast #mumswithhustle #australia #mumssupportingmums #blogger #mumblog #blog #adelaideblogger #photographer #farmhousedecor #momtruth

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Koristite pogodnosti u trgovinama

Carter priznaje da je veliki fan praćenja popusta, sakupljanja i korištenja bodova koje dobiva kao registrirani član kluba određenih trgovina. Preporučuje svima da si nabave takve kartice. Ne košta ništa, a dugoročno se isplati. “Gledajte i da potrošite bonove koje eventualno dobijete za Božić ili rođendan. Oni imaju rok isteka, tako da obratite žanju na to”, savjetuje.

Here’s nine things I messed up today. I hope it makes you feel better about your day; or at-least feel not alone. It really saddens me how many messages I got last night from wonderful women saying that they “couldn’t do everything like me” or “that they want to know more on how I do it”. I offer advice and stories on how I cope but not everyday is perfect. Honestly I think you’re all bloody amazing. Yes you! The Mum reading this. The ones messaging me. Every single person that wrote to me. Was worried that “their best wasn’t good enough”. I don’t know how many times I say this but imma say it again; “IF YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST what more could anyone ask for.”. You are not failing. Life just isn’t perfect. Please don’t miss out on how wonderful your life is worrying about the things you could have done better, or comparing yourself to someone else. So on that note; You know what I fucked up today?! Everything! Because I’m human. And it’s fine. It will all be fine. Tomorrow I’ll kick some ass or not. I don’t know, I can’t predict it. Number. 1 I forgot to order the kids lunch orders. For the second time this term; And its week three. Because I thought I’d give them a treat! Also known as; “I forgot to go food shopping.”” Would you like some carrot sticks with your soup packet? Number 2. I went to the shops to get milk. Wondered around for thirty minutes, got myself a coffee. Got home beaming at my husband. Because I LOVE coffee. Like an unhealthy amount. And when he asked “ where is the milk” I responded; “ohhhhh that’s why I went to the shops” Number 3. I don’t have a quilt cover on my bed. That’s right. It’s just a bloody quilt. Because we only have one quilt cover right now and it needed washed. And I forgot to wash it. Awesome. It’s like we’re sixteen again. And that’s what this picture is of. Me with no make up. And no pants but I saved you from that. Surrounded by washing with no quilt cover on my bed. Oh well will sort it later. To read more head to my blog or Facebook. TAG A MUM WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS. TAG A MUM YOU WANT TO TELL THAT SHES NOT ALONE. Happy three days till Friday eve! Krechelle xx

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Imajte posao sa strane

Sve više ljudi traži načine kako dodatno zaraditi jer im osnovna plaća jedva pokriva troškove života. “Toliko je poslova koje možete raditi od kuće. Postoje internetske stranice koje nude takve povremene angažmane”, ističe Carter. Također savjetuje da, ako možete, koristite prekovremene sate ili jedan dan više u mjesecu odradite.

All I want to do is tell off my 42 children in peace! Without you bastards judging me; Susan, Gertrude and Barry. I’m so sick of being “mum shamed “ for telling my children off! And I’m not the only one! Every-time I start to tell my children off; (Granted I sound a bit like a bulldog eating a tire) I’m met with an audience of other parents or relatives, sometimes random strangers judging the way that I’m handling things. 10 points for the appropriate dose of timeout. 7 points for tone -5 points for saying the word “shit”. Judges decisions are in and apparently i’m a terrible parent. And I try and be diplomatic and calm. But there is only so many times I can say; “sweetheart can you please not hit your sister with a rock because when you do your entering her personal space and it hurts and how do you think that makes her feel?” By the third time it kinda comes out like: “if you touch your sister one more damn time I’m putting your iPad in the rubbish bin” Followed closely by: “ CUT IT OUT” or “GO TO YOUR ROOOOM!” And then I’m already feeling guilty because I got mad. Or because I handled it not perfectly. God forbid you raise your voice over the hush of a whisper to your precious little angels. Then I’ve got old Aunt Gertrude asking me “to give the poor boy a break” Ha! I’ll give you a bloody break in a minute Aunt Gertrude! Right in the face. ( I have no idea what that means; I’m irrational right now) I have six children and whether we’re out places (rarely) or at home (sounds more like it). I have to make sure my children are reminded that we have rules because they always seem to get amnesia once we leave the front door. Ya dig? I don’t know why but my children act up even worse during the dreaded school run! Seven times as much if we’re running late. We’ll be walking along a road and my children will start play fighting like they’ve just entered a WWE arena and I’ll have to say “HEY; focus guys” in a loud stern enough voice so all six can hear me. And then it begins again. The judgmental stares, the head shakes….. Read more on my Facebook or website link in bio :) Happy Monday! Krechelle xx

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KAKO IMATI VIŠE NOVCA U 2018.? Ova japanska tehnika mogla bi vam pomoći da uštedite i do 35 posto

Idite pješice na posao

Iako je teško zamisliti da jedna majka šestero djece može uopće razmišljati o tome da nikamo ne ide automobilom, Carter tvrdi da na tom području štedi jako puno. “Dovoljno je da na posao, u školu, pa čak i u goste, odlazite pješice ili biciklom. Meni je sa šestero djece to malo teže postići, ali definitivno je jeftinije”, kaže.

I hope you’ve all had the most wonderful Australia Day!!! So glad to have one of my jobs off the school list!!! @williamsshoes! New school term; and for my little Noah its his first school year ever!! New lunchboxes, new shoes, new drink bottles, new everything; everytime; always. So this year I went with brands that are SMART. Reasonably priced and excellent quality. So we chose the range from @williamsshoes for our school shoes for the boys; I loved that they had a fantastic range with so many different options! I’m not the only one buying new everything; every year right? I was super excited when we went in store and @williamsshoes let me know they have a 30 day perfect fit guarantee if you get fitted in store. My boys chose these Lynx runners for the best fit! Happy to start the New Year all fresh. I’m going to go a bit crazy with my label maker shortly! Hahaha! Anyone else label everything like a crazy person? And have you done your back to school shopping yet? #williamsshoes #williamspartner"

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Prodajte stvari koje vam ne trebaju

Ovo je njezin najdraži način za zaradu. Carter savjetuje da raširite pogled po svom domu i utvrdite što od svega toga samo skuplja prašinu i ne koristi se već dugo, a ispravno je. “Vrlo često ja sakupim dekorativne stvari i prodam ih. Sve ono što mi ne treba dodatna je gotovina u mom novčaniku”, otkriva.

Birthday dinner was fabulous last night and thank you to everyone who came!!!! Best friends. Means different things to different people. But this one has been there through thick and thin for the last five years of my life.She bought me a present when I got my first paid article, she’s held my hand when I couldn’t move from a hospital bed. She’s cried with me and laughed with me. But shes been my constant. When we go out for dinner; the restaurant owners quite often think we’re a couple and that’s okay with us because we certainly have a relationship that isn’t worth of any title. She’s the closest thing I have to a sister and she always knows when I need her most. Thanks for my beautiful present; for my coffee frappe on my birthday and for knowing that sometimes in life you just need to drive around with your best friend all night with the music up not talking because there is nothing left to say. And sometimes you need to get shitfaced at 11am in a hotel room and talk about life for hours on end; laughing untill your stomach hurts. If you don’t follow mine and Amy’s page it’s over @winecoffeekids. We’ve put a few podcasts together to follow on from my other small series. And we’ll be releasing them in the next week. Mostly it’s just us rambling but if there is anything you want hear in particular flick us an email or a message or a comment and we’ll try and share those topics. In a world full of obstacles and friends that come and go. I’m so glad I found you Amy, to drink copious amounts of wine with and eat food that we shouldn’t. Love your tits off. • • • • • • #mumlife #mommyblogger #adelaideloves #blogging #largefamilylife #instamom #motherhoodrising #realtalk #momlife #cocktails #adelaide #photography #family #mummy #bestmom #birthdays #hustle #mumswithhustle #australia #mumssupportingmums #blogger #mumblog #blog #adelaideblogger #photographer #bestfriends

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Pregledajte ostavu

Događa se da odlazite u kupovinu namirnica jer mislite kako vam je ponestalo zaliha, a u ostavi imate nekih potrpanih konzervi. Ova majka preporučuje da izdvojite vrijeme za pretraživanje ostave jer biste mogli naći nešto što ste davno kupili, a čemu je već istekao rok trajanja. To je bacanje novca.

Kupujte jeftinije marke

Možda se osjećate sigurnije kupujući provjerene proizvode velikih imena koja se reklamiraju na televiziji, ali Carter jamči da su jeftinije varijante istih često jednako dobre. “Osim toaletnog papira. Nemojte štedjeti na toaletnom papiru. Nikad!”, dodaje.

I took four girls under four to the shops today. And we got dinner for tonight, flowers yay, and wine. Because I went to the shops with four kids haha. Super excited to try my lettuce cups with turkey mince tonight!! I was going to add soya sauce, sesame seeds garlic and ginger? And other NUT free suggestions! Turkey is super lean and high in protein so perfect for my new healthy eating plan! It's natures supermeat! Look at all that green ness!! Yay!! Dinner set. Going to make it all now and have it ready for later- love being organized! Daves now working till 6pm so school pick up and drop off and lunch and dinner and tidy is all on me- Bring it on I say; motherhood we've got this ladies 🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻💗💗 #stegglesturkeycollab #naturessupermeat

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Nosite ono što imate

Vjerojatno i vi dolazite u iskušenje da obnovite garderobu na početku svake sezone, ali majka šestero djece tvrdi kako to uopće nije potrebno. “Nedavno sam se spremila u šoping da djeci kupim sve što im treba od odjeće. Onda sam pogledala u ormare i shvatila da mi zapravo nije trebalo ni pola od svega što sam mislila. Ne trošite novac koji nemate. Novo ne znači nužno i bolje”, zaključuje.

The reality of trips away as a mum. It's okay to feel sad. It's okay to feel like you want to go home. It's okay to have fun. It's okay to feel like you never want to go home. In the last 24 hours, I have been wracked with guilt. And with pure excitement! I'm hitting the dance floor and having long lunches. And as much as I'm enjoying long blow drys, and 11am wines and no time limits. They are there and they are loud; All of the mum guilts. I feel a little empty. A little sad. A baby walks past and I literally have tears in my eyes. I've been talking to random mums on the street about their motherhood journey and about their gorgeous babes. Thank you darlin' ladies for indulging me Because I'm missing mine. Like crazy. As much as I know I'll be back home with them in three days. As much as I know this me time is as important as my "mum time". I miss them. Not every second; but one heck of a lot. But I shouldn't feel guilty. I haven't been on a trip in seven years. And after all I'm still me as well as a Mum. Three more days my babes. But until then, mammas gonna enjoy a cocktail or seven because we all need some "me time" to be better at our "mum time". Krechelle Xx

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