Ova Kanađanka itekako ima što za pokazati, a još ima i licencu!

Corrie-Lynn Wilkes zgodna je Kanađanka koja priznaje da je fitness ovisnica. Itekako je svjesna svojih bombastičnih fizičkih atributa pa ih rado pokazuje na društvenim mrežama.

Vlasnica je aerobik škole, a ima i licencu za fitness trenericu. Specijalizirala se za tesanje mišića stražnjice, a sudjelovala je i u izboru za Miss bikini.

👉🏼Humpday thoughts 👈🏼Whatever you’re going thru and beating yourself up about today, know that everything that has happened in your life, everyone that has been part of your life and is no more, there were no mistakes. You are who you are today because of everything you have gone thru. Your experiences, traumas and heartaches, were not all for naught. You are unique and so are your experiences, both past and present. You had, and are having them now because you have something to learn from them. Rather than pointing a finger at others or at your circumstances, realize that you are one hundred percent responsible for your life and your choices. This realization and acceptance will save you a lot of unnecessary suffering. We all have a choice: to act a certain way, to stay or to leave, to refuse or to accept, to love or to walk away. You have learnt now, and you will know better when an obstacle crosses your path on how to react, what decisions to make, and which path to take. You have become a stronger person today because of all you have gone thru. As long as there is breath in you, be sure to make time to reach for your dreams. Allow your dreams to be pure. Be you. Today is as good a day as any. You will never be ready for whatever, or whoever it is you’re waiting for. Start working toward your dreams now. Don’t keep putting things off until it becomes too late. Instead of living in the “If Only…” mindset, how about turning it around slowly to the positive possibilities of “What If…? And ultimately replace that with “Hell Yeah!“ 📸 by @petermozola #humpdaythoughts #lifeisbeautiful #goalorriented

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