DOGAĐA SE I NAJBOLJIMA: Njeno fantastično tijelo prati milijun ljudi, no otkrila je da nije savršena

Fitness trenerica koju na Instagramu prati više od milijun ljudi je jednom fotografijom pokazala da na neke stvari ne možete utjecati vježbanjem, a događa se čak i njoj.

Anna Victoria, fitness trenerica fantastičnog tijela koja ima milijun obožavatelja, jednom je fotografijom pokazala da savršenstvo ne postoji.

Naime, Anna je objavila fotografiju prije i poslije večere, kojom je željela pokazati da neke stvari ne možete riješiti vježbanjem te da se ne morate time zamarati.

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“Prije i poslije večere. Iako me većina vas poznaje s lijeve fotke, činjenica je da nakon ‘nezdravih’ obroka izgledam kao na desnoj fotki. Vrlo lako postanem naduta, čak i nakon zdravijih obroka mogu izgledati kao da sam u četvrtom mjesecu trudnoće. Želim vam pokazati da nadutost nije rijetka pojava i da se zbog toga ne trebate ljutiti na sebe. S nadutošću se bori mnogo više ljudi nego što mislite”, poručila je seksi trenerica.

Before and after…dinner!! 😝 While most of the time you only see the photo on the left, after my cheat meals I end up looking like the photo on the right 😁 I bloat very easily, even with eating healthy foods and I can go from lean to looking 4 months pregnant after one bad meal. I wanted to share this to show that bloating happens and it's nothing to be mad at yourself for, more people struggle with bloating than you realize. It's just that we don't normally see that side – so you're not alone! While bloating definitely can be a sign of food intolerances (which you should get checked out to be sure you don't have an actual intolerance or allergy), it also can be just that this is how your body reacts after a day's worth of food, like me. And no, I'm not pushing my stomach out in the after photo. Anytime I bloat like this, it's almost always gone by the morning or if I had more than one cheat meal and end up bloated for a few days, it always goes away after a few days of being back on track. Don't let a little bit of bloating derail you, it happens and can easily go away with consistent healthy eating, water, and not to mention a great workout 😊 #fbggirls #realtalk #foodbaby #realstagram

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But first…tea 🤗☕️ Shorts: @torysport #fbggirls

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