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Kako jesti zdravije: Ovaj Instagram profil će vam potpuno promijeniti percepciju kalorija

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Ovo su možda očite stvari, ali netko nam ih je doslovno trebao pofotkati i ispisati da nam malo podigne svijest

Kad god se nađemo u situaciji da započinjemo određenu dijetu ili jednostavno krećemo jesti zdravije, često nam se također dogodi da zapnemo u zamku sumanutog prebrojavanja kalorija, kako slučajno ne bismo prešle preporučani dnevni unos. Ali, fitness Instagram zvijezda, Lucy Mountain, naglašava kako sve to skupa nije baš toliko jednostavno.

We bloody love an extreme don’t we? Even ‘balance' has to be extreme now. I can’t help but see irony that such an approach comes with so many rules in this lil fitness world we have here.⠀ ⠀ If you use an app to track your food rather than going by intuition, 'you can’t be balanced.'⠀ If you’re training for a bigger a$$ rather than how many pull-ups you can do, 'you can’t be balanced.'⠀ ⠀ It’s almost like its cool to act like you don’t give a shit about what you eat or what you see in the mirror. A middle-ground exists guys. A non-obsessive, non-restrictive middle ground.⠀ ⠀ I use My Fitness Pal and still have a positive relationship with food.⠀ I train mostly for aesthetics and still love my body.⠀ I can post a bikini photo with a meaningful caption and still have self-worth.⠀ ⠀ The beauty of the word ‘balance’ itself is that it’s entirely unique to that person. I also will throw this out there and suspect that many of those who mock others for their version of balance are just projecting their own struggles.⠀ ⠀ For me, as long as you are being sensible, your health is in check and you are HAPPY, (in the most loving way) I really don’t care what you're doing.⠀ ⠀ Tracking or not Tracking.⠀ Coconut Oil or Olive Oil.⠀ Yoga Retreats or Body Building Comps.⠀ Meat-Eating or Vegan 4 lyf.⠀ Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate.⠀ Left bowl or Right bowl (lol sorry.)⠀ ⠀ #theFFF

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Lucy je nedavno otvorila još jedan Instagram profil, TheFFFeed, gdje, osim na svom prvom profilu, svakodnevno objavljuje zanimljive fotografije koje nam otkrivaju sve što dosad možda nismo znali o kalorijama, piše Redbook Magazine. I neke bi vas mogle prilično iznenaditi.

Mala promjena može značiti mnogo kad su kalorije u pitanju

Jer, svatko tko je imalo proučavao određene planove prehrane ili se samo malo pozabavio proučavanjem hrane i određenih namirnica, zna da 500 kalorija gotovog sendviča s bijelim kruhom iz pekarnice nije isto što i 500 kalorija voća, zobenih pahuljica i povrća. I manje kalorija, dapače, ne mora nužno značiti i ‘zdravije’. A iako njen profil nije znanstvena platforma, pomaže podići svijest o tome da ne moramo samo luđački prebrojavati svako zrno koje pojedemo, već jesti ono što je zdravo i prirodno. Evo i nekih primjera koji bi vas mogli zanimati i koji nam pokazuju da male promjene mogu značiti mnogo kad su baš te omražene kalorije u pitanju (i iako su neki primjeri dosta očiti, ponekad jednostavno ne obraćamo pozornost, a možda bismo trebali).

1. Nutella vs. Namaz od kakaa i lješnjaka (oboje 15 grama)

Nutella vs Meridian Cocoa and Hazelnut Butter 🌰⠀ ⠀ The spoons are back guys. And this time we’re talking about my favourite pastime; chocolate-based spreads.⠀ ⠀ Both are 15g and pretty similar calories, but the nutritional breakdown is pretty different. In short;⠀ ⠀ Nutella is:⠀ – Marginally less calories⠀ – Lower in fat⠀ – Lower in protein⠀ – Higher in carbs⠀ – Higher in sugar⠀ – Nutella⠀ ⠀ And Meridian is:⠀ – Marginally higher in cals⠀ – Higher in fat (because #nuts)⠀ – Higher in protein (because #nuts)⠀ – Lower in carbs⠀ – Lower in sugar⠀ – Not Nutella⠀ ⠀ So what does this mean? Well – if you were to only eat chocolate-based spreadables for the rest of your life, Meridian would probably be a better option nutritionally.⠀ ⠀ However (sadly) this would rarely be the case, so go for the one you prefer. Although it’s important to have a basic awareness of the nutritional breakdown in your food, try not to get caught up in the exact specifics – 15g of either option in the context of a balanced diet is teeny tiny 🙌⠀ ⠀ Relax and enjoy your chocolate based spreads in moderation team. (Sorry. I know. I hate that word too.)⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Nutella:⠀ 82 kcals⠀ 4.7g fat⠀ 8.6g carbs⠀ 0.9g protein⠀ 8.5g sugar⠀ ⠀ Meridian:⠀ 89 kcals⠀ 7g fat⠀ 2.4g carbs⠀ 3.6g protein⠀ 1.9g sugar⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #theFFF 💕

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Nutella (82 kalorije):

  • nešto manje kalorija (82 kcal)
  • nešto manje masti (4,7 g)
  • nešto manje proteina (0,9 g)
  • više ugljikohidrata (8,6 g)
  • više šećera (8,5 g)

Namaz od kakaa i lješnjaka (89 kalorija):

  • nešto više kalorija (89 kcal)
  • nešto više masti (jer #orašastiplodovi) (7 g)
  • nešto više proteina (jer #orašasti plodovi) (3,6 g)
  • manje ugljikohidrata (2,4 g)
  • manje šećera (1,9 g)

2. Pecivo s avokadom (406 kcal) vs. Pecivo s avokadom (715 kcal)

Avocado Bagel vs Avocado Bagel 🥑⠀ ⠀ The one on the right is the kind you’d probably find at a trendy brunch spot. The one on the left is 300 calories less.⠀ ⠀ Both are very similar in volume and taste, but with a few little tweaks, the nutritional values are very different (see end of caption) 💪⠀ ⠀ Savoury breakfasts (like Instagram’s beloved avo-on-toast) typically use high fat ingredients. Which is of course fine, however such ingredients are generally higher in calories. ('Healthy' doesn't always mean low calorie.) Things like avocado, feta, coconut oil, nuts and seeds are all considered pretty 'healthy' so it’s tempting to just pack them all in. ⠀ So if/when you’re trying to get a little leaner, being more mindful of what you order when out for brunch and portion control at home will help you on your way! 🙆⠀ ⠀ Remember, you don’t have to cut anything out your diet that you enjoy. Just knowing quantities and simple swaps will make all the difference, like I did here:⠀ ⠀ Left bagel:⠀ – Half an avocado⠀ – Plain bagel⠀ – 30g Cottage Cheese⠀ – 5g Toasted oats⠀ – 0.5 tbsp Lemon juice⠀ ⠀ Right bagel:⠀ – One whole avocado⠀ – Plain bagel⠀ – 30g Feta Cheese⠀ – 10g Toasted sesame seeds⠀ – 0.5 tbsp Coconut Oil⠀ ⠀ 💕🥑 #IDontEvenReallyLikeAvocado #YesISaidIt (s/o to @opedley for da inspo 💁) – #FFFoodForThought #theFFF

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Lijevo pecivo (406 kalorija):

  • pola avokada
  • bagel pecivo
  • 30 grama svježeg sira
  • 5 grama tostiranih zobenih pahuljica
  • pola žlice limunova soka

Desno pecivo (715 kalorija):

  • cijeli avokado
  • bagel pecivo
  • 30 grama feta sira
  • 10 grama tostiranih sjemenki sezama
  • pola žlice kokosova ulja

3. Indijski oraščići (20 grama) vs. Indijski oraščići (40 grama)

20g of cashews vs 40g of cashews 💪 ⠀ Both are technically a ‘handful’ but there are twice as many calories in the right than in the left. Portion-sizing can be super hard to get your head around at first, especially when you don’t want to track or weigh your food. But getting familiar with the best portion size according to your personal goal and what it looks like will massively help you get there quicker 💪⠀ ⠀ If your goal is fatloss specifically, creating a caloric deficit is essential. This doesn’t mean restriction and this doesn’t mean cutting anything out. It just means being a little more MINDFUL of what you’re putting in your body (your diet) and how much energy you’re expending out (activity) 💫 And because nuts often come in large snack bags and are considered a ‘health food’, it’s so easy to eat over 500 calories of nuts in one sitting, which could potentially put you in a calories surplus.⠀ ⠀ So if you’re trying to get a little leaner, maybe the left side would be better for you. If you’re trying to gain weight, maybe the right side would be better for you. If you just bladdy love cashew nuts, maybe both sides in one big nutty mouthful would be better for you 💁💅 ⠀ Not everyone wants to count calories and thats absolutely fine. But just having an awareness of whats in your food when you’ve got a goal in mind should really help you! I hope you guys found this useful 💕 ⠀ #FFFoodForThought #theFFF⠀

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20 grama oraščića = 125 kalorija

40 grama oraščića = duplo više grama, duplo više kalorija (250 kcal)

Okej, ovdje nije potrebno mnogo toga objašnjavati. Tehnički, i lijevo i desno je ‘šaka indijskih oraščića’, a ovisno o vašim potrebama birate želite li veću ili manju porciju.

4. Cjelodnevni zdravi obroci 1 (1.600 kalorija) vs. Cjelodnevni zdravi obroci 2 (2.450 kalorija)

Healthy Day of Food 🥗 vs Healthy Day of Food 🥗⠀ ⠀ Bet you're sick of the C word by now aren't you. (Sorry.) This is inspired by an amezin post @danprice_639pt did last week for someone who: 1. Is looking to get a little leaner. (Yes – it is okay to have a goal which involves aesthetics.) 2. Feels like they're eating all the 'good' food but still not getting results.⠀ ⠀ As we know, calories are just one component of nutrition but they're something to be mindful of when it comes to weight management.⠀ ⠀ Both diets here contain 'healthy' food. Both diets contain zero 'junk' food. However one is 850 calories more than the other.⠀ ⠀ This post is not to say you need to be eating a punnet of fruit as a snack and cut out smoothies, humous, granola or flapjack lol. This post is to challenge the way you see food and the categories you place upon them.⠀ ⠀ Each and everyone one of these foods can be included in a 'healthy' diet which would help you reach your goal. And equally, in moderation, every other food NOT pictured can be included in a 'healthy' diet to help you reach your goal. Yes even chocolate. (And sugar omg.)⠀ ⠀ Look beyond 'good' and 'bad'. Look beyond the labels. Your diet should include ALL the foods you love no matter your goal. I say this all the time – moderation isn't sexy but it's bloody great.⠀⠀ ⠀ Left side: – 50g oats, 1 banana – 150g blueberries – 200g Alpro soya yoghurt, 15g honey – 1 avocado, 2 slices of bread – 400g strawberries – 50g mixed salad, 100g chicken, 1 sweet potato – 250g Alpro yoghurt, 60g blueberries,10g goji berries ⠀ ⠀ Right side: – 50g granola – 450ml Naked smoothie – 100g humous – 4 Nairns oat cracker thins – 1 avocado, 2 slices bread – Graze protein bite – 50g mixed salad, 1 sweet potato, 100g salmon fillet – 250g Alpro soya yoghurt, 4 dates, 35g dried mango and coconut, 20g peanut butter ⠀ #theFFF @thefashionfitnessfoodie

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Zdravi obroci 1 (lijevo):

  • 50 grama zobenih pahuljica, jedna banana
  • 150 grama borovnica
  • 200 grama Alpro soja jogurta, 15 grama meda
  • 1 avokado, 2 šnite integralnog kruha
  • 400 grama jagoda
  • 50 grama mješane salate, 100 grama pilećih prsa, 1 batat
  • 250 grama Alpro jogurta, 60 grama borovnica, 10 grama goji bobica

Zdravi obroci 2 (desno):

  • 50 grama granole
  • 450 ml Naked smoothieja
  • 100 grama humusa
  • 4 krekera od zobenih pahuljica
  • 1 avokado, 2 šnite integralnog kruha
  • Graze protein bar
  • 50 grama mješane salate, 1 batat, 100 grama fileta lososa
  • 250 grama Alpro soja jogurta, 4 datulje, 35 grama sušenog manga i kokosa, 20 grama maslaca od kikirikija

U principu, i jedan i drugi set obroka spadaju u ‘zdrave opcije’. Također, ovisno o količini fizičke aktivnosti taj dan, ovisno o vašoj fizičkoj spremi i potrebama vašega tijela, odabirete ono što VAMA najbolje odgovara. Vama i vašem tijelu, to je poanta. I uglavno, bolje je pojesti i 2.450 kalorija ovoga gore (što je ‘teža’ opcija), nego 2.000 kalorija McDonald’sa…

5. Ručak 1 vs. Ručak 2 (od istih namirnica)

Spot the difference 🍽Both of these meals have the same amount of potato, tuna mayo and salad – but the plate on the right is 246 calories more than the left.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Firstly can I just say:⠀⠀ 1. It is possible to be both aware of your calorie intake AND enjoy a varied balanced diet/happy relationship with food at the same time.⠀⠀ 2. It is also possible to find calorie counting of any form tedious and negative. In which case, please ignore this post and keep on doing you 💕⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Now let’s talk invisible calories. If you haven’t guessed, the 3 differences here are in the salad dressing, the oil used to bake the potato and the mayonnaise in the tuna. On the left I’ve opted for ‘lighter’ versions of each of these as opposed to the ‘normal’ option.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ If your goal is weight-loss (and you are eating enough fat in the remainder of your meals for the day), making these kind of small tweaks can really go a long way. You’re still eating the same volume of food for fewer calories – and it practically tastes the same 🙌.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Equally if your goal is weight-gain, going for the higher calorie options will help increase your intake for the day if needed.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Left Plate:⠀⠀ – 1 Potato⠀⠀ – 100g Salad⠀⠀ – 1 tin Tuna⠀⠀ + 15ml Light Caesar Dressing⠀⠀ + Frylight Spray⠀⠀ + 1 tbsp Lighter Light Mayo⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Right Plate:⠀⠀ – 1 Potato⠀⠀ – 100g Salad⠀⠀ – 1 tin Tuna⠀⠀ + 15ml Caesar Dressing⠀⠀ + 0.5 tbsp Olive Oil⠀⠀ + 1 tbsp Mayo⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ As always I’m not bashing ANY ingredients here, I don’t believe in labelling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. This is simply to show context.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Okay bye 👋. #AnotherReallyShortCaptionForYou⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #theFFF #theFFFeed @thefashionfitnessfoodie

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Ručak 1 (341 kalorija):

  • 1 krumpir
  • 100 grama salate
  • 1 konzerva tune
  • 15 ml Light Caesar dressinga
  • light ulje u spreju
  • 1 žlica light majoneze

Ručak 2 (587 kalorija):

  • 1 krumpir
  • 100 grama salate
  • 1 konzerva tune
  • 15 ml Caesar dressinga
  • pola žlice maslinova ulja
  • jedna žlica majoneze

Ponovno, obje opcije su zdrave. Obje opcije sadrže kvalitetne namirnice koje su dobre za naše tijelo i izgradnju mišića te služe kao korisno gorivo za naporne (i malo manje) naporne treninge. A u tome i jest trik – i napor koji ulažete u vježbanje je jedan od kriterija kojim biste se trebali voditi pri odabiru obroka. Naporniji treninzi zahtjevaju unos veće količine kalorija, i to je potpuno logično. Samo je važno kakve kalorije unosimo. Ovo gore su zdrave kalorije. One dvije vrećice čipsa od špeka koje vam stoje doma u ladici – baš i ne toliko…

Piše: Vlatka Ernečić / Vrijeme: 14:00 07.09.2017 / Rubrika: ,

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