OTKRIVENA NAJVEĆA TAJNA MARILYN MONROE: Njena prijateljica prije smrti rekla istinu o skrivenim fotografijama

Fotografije su prodane na aukciji za malo više od 15.000 kuna. Naime, nitko nije bio svjestan njihove prave vrijednosti.

Nikad viđene fotografije Marilyn Monroe prodane su prošle godine na aukciji za svega 15.000 kuna. Snimila ih je Marilynina bliska prijateljica Frieda Hull, te ih čuvala sve do svoje smrti 2014. godine, no prije toga je otkrila priču koju su skrivale. Naime, nitko nije znao da je slavna glumica na njima – trudna, no ne sa svojim suprugom.

“Frieda je bila veoma ponosna što ima te fotografije. Rekla je da su snimljene u ljeto 1960. godine, kada je glumica još bila u braku s Arthurom Millerom. No, morala je skrivati trudnoću jer on nije bio otac djeteta. Marilyn se u to vrijeme viđala s francuskim glumcem Yvesom Montandom“, ispričao je Hullin susjed.

#MarilynMonroe photographed by #FreidaHull, 1961.

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Monroeina najveća želja bila je postati majka. No, ubrzo nakon nastanka fotografija je imala spontani pobačaj. Prije te, izgubila je još tri bebe. Frieda je otkrila da je glumica imala problema s jajnicima.

♡ I rarely post two times in a day, but I just had to mention this in case some people miss it! This photo and a few others in the same session have been circulating like crazy online and for me having this page is not only a way to show my mad love, respect, and admiration for this beautiful lady, but it's to show the truth. The rumors surrounding this photo claim that Marilyn was pregnant with Yves Montand's child. Did they have an affair? Yes. Did she get pregnant? No. How do I know? It's simple. Marilyn only had two pregnancies during her lifetime, it's believed there was a third during the filming of "The Prince and the Showgirl" but there is little evidence to back that up, therefore it is highly unlikely. Marilyn's last pregnancy was in 1958 and unfortunately she suffered a miscarriage, and never got pregnant after that. These photos were taken during the heavist period of Marilyn's life, and second of all why is it such a shock that she had a little of a stomach…? She was a woman after all! The DailyMail article claims that Freida Hull hid these "never before seen" photographs of Marilyn due to the fact that she was trying to hide her pregnancy, but these photos were published in a James Haspiel book long before. Long story short, this is just another disgusting article trying to smudge the person that Marilyn really was (and you'd think after her being gone for half a century they'd call it quits.) If you took time to read this, I thank you. ❤ – Also huge thanks to @ourmarilynm for providing information on this topic as well, definitely go check out her recent. – {July 8th 1960} Marilyn leaving a costume test for "The Misfits" photographed by Freida Hull – – #mm #legend #beautiful #icon #iconic #marilyn #monroe #marilynmonroe #normajeane #normajeanebaker #oldhollywood #OH

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