JE LI OVO NAJLJEPŠI PAR NA SVIJETU? Ljudi ih zaustavljaju na ulici zbog njihove ljepote

Ovaj mladi par iz Velike Britanije mnogi smatraju jednim od najljepših parova na svijetu.

Melissa Tansely i njen dečko James Ferguson upoznali su se prije godinu i pol na jednom snimanju. Istog su se trenutka zaljubili i otad se ne odvajaju jedno od drugog.

Show time ✨👯#mwclassic #bikini #bikiniround #fitness #commercial #show #2ndplace

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Svakog dana zajedno vježbaju, idu u solarij, izbjeljuju zube i uređuju obrve kako bi u svakom trenutku bili spremni za izlazak na modnu pistu.

The article was meant to be a success story, we had worked hard together for this show and it was an honour sharing the stage with the love of my life. We are the most down to earth people and those who know us personally will agree with this and the great morals we have independently and as a couple. We have never claimed to be 'the best looking couple' or ' stopped in the street' but we do get complimented for our hard work and achievements/improvements we have made together by people we know and strangers and I don't think that's a bad thing. We like to take care of ourself and keep fit, look good feel good but we are also more than happy to sit in bed with no tan, no make-up in our pj's eating pizza and ice cream. You have to remember that this regime is within preparation for a fitness show/pageant, the rest of the year we are just two normal, happy, in love people spending quality time with each other, great friends and family, exploring the world together and making the most of the life we have. To many people are to quick to look at the negatives rather than trying to see the positive. I'm very proud of us and the people we are, regardless of what others assume. 😌- remember this is an article in the paper where things that are said may get exaggerated and appear negative or come across bad, not an autobiography. #dailymail #themirror #thesun #metro

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Melissa (21) i osam godina stariji James nedavno su zajedno sudjelovali na jednom izboru ljepote. James je osvojio titulu mistera, a Mel prve pratilje.

so last night I placed 2nd at the MWCLASSIC, Very very proud of myself! After all of the stress and worry but hard work, it's paid off and I have improved, bringing a better package to my second time ever competing! I also won my first ever modelling trophy ( I'm going to place it in front of James's 25263520000 at home haha) …. I absolutely love being on stage and there's so many things I want to improve and work harder for, training for this show has been an eye opener for me, I love the buzz and the feeling of achievement that I've even started thinking of entering some different competitions next year….. I also want to of course say a massive well done to my superstar, HE SMASHED his category AS ALWAYS and he WON OVERALL MR WORLD CLASSIC 2016, it's been an incredible competitive year for him and he's been so dedicated and so hard at work these last few months that he deserves IT ALL! I will always enjoy supporting him and being his number one fan although I must say I AM SO EXCITED FOR US TO EAT NAUGHTY FOOD TOGETHER! Last night was a great way to kick off the Christmas celebrations and We are looking forward to some much needed quality time celebrating December and Christmas , We have so many exciting plans and travels coming up we can not wait!!! ….. thank you to all of our amazing and wonderful friends & family that came to support us and a massive well done to all of the beautiful ladies & gents that we're on that stage!! …… Next year I'm coming for that 1st place!😉👑! Well done everybody and have a merry merry Christmas!! ✨✨✨ #mwclassic #fitness #model #show #competition #1stplace #2ndplace #winner #mrworldclassicoverall #champ #couple #love #soulmate #compete #traintogether #christmastime #proud #endofseason #dedication #lucky

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“Stalno nas zaustavljaju na ulici i govore nam da smo najljepši par koji su ikada vidjeli”, otkrila je Melissa za Daily Mail.

“Jako brinemo o svom izgledu i uvijek izgledamo najbolje što možemo”, rekla je Mel te otkrila kako se njen dragi više brine o svojim obrvama nego ona.

Proud to say I won @themwclassic at the weekend taking home several awards including Mr Fitness Model, Category 1st place and then the Male Overall making me the Mr World Classic champion… you can all shorten that and just call me Mr World 😉😂 loving my crown by the way @ladynatashamurray also excited to be receiving full sponsorship from the NGM supplement and gymwear range over the coming year as one of my prizes. Thank you to my sponsor @no.twentyfour and my trunk sponsor @divasfitwear for your support. Glad I could do you proud #mrworld2016 #mrfitness #fitness #fitnessmodel #model #king #crown #diva #fashionmodel #eveningwear #fashion #winner #overallwinner #overall #modelling #fitfam #trophy #trophies #sponsor #thankyou #sponsored #tan #teeth #muscles #23

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